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Together, WE rise.

Helping women fight loneliness by creating authentic friendships through building a community.



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I'm an entrepreneur, a connector and an obsessive dog mom. I created In Her Circle back in September 2018 after suffering severe loneliness and experiencing many barriers in creating genuine connections with other local women. Today, I'm captivated with helping women build long-lasting friendships, with fighting loneliness in today’s society, and with teaching women how to recognize their full potential.

I'm Jessica Painter.

Hey there!

If you are in the market to bring more happiness into your life and to meet like-minded women in your city, our events were created just for you.

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I can show you how!

Learn more about the one-on-one mentorship program that is customized for you.

Curious how to attract your ideal audience and build your own community?

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“I moved to Calgary in my early 20s and always found it to be an intimidating process of meeting people to create a solid group of friends, especially in a brand new city. Even now in my late 20s, as close friends have moved on to new chapters of their lives, it’s not much easier making genuine, empowering connections with other women. In Her Circle is a much needed resource in today’s digital age, and I’m grateful for the wonderful friends I’ve made.”


“I will never forget those days when I sat at home wondering if it would be a good idea to sit at a coffee shop with a sign that says “Want to be my friend? Let’s have a coffee/tea.” The day I met the other women at an In Her Circle event, I was shocked that I was not the only one!! Can’t wait to attend future events, meet more girls, and make great friends through In Her Circle!” 


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