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Hi, I'm Jess!

I’m a SoCal girl who moved to Canada for love, and since then, I have been passionate about making outsiders feel like they belong. Currently obsessed with my dog, traveling the world, and donuts (did someone say Vanilla Dip?). Read on to learn more!

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I didn’t always have this dream of connecting women, of lifting them up and reminding them of their strength. 

Before I turned my world upside down and moved to the great white north, I was living in sunny San Diego and climbing the corporate ladder. Yet, as my life took a 180 degree spin, I found myself in a deep depression and experienced severe loneliness. I felt totally isolated, and I discovered that I was not the only person suffering from this. 

After leading a women’s fitness group for a year, I decided to shift my focus and help other women who were struggling with loneliness create authentic friendships through building a community called In Her Circle. What started as a small, intimate gathering at a local coffee shop has blossomed into a vibrant community that has connected hundreds of women who are looking for the same thing...

to build their inner circle.

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At In Her Circle, we welcome all women who are looking to create genuine, authentic friendships through social gatherings and workshops. With our events, we engage in various activities ranging from yoga classes, bracelet making, and personal development workshops to help us reconnect with ourselves and discover more happiness in life. 

Come and join us to build up your inner circle.

This community is welcoming of all women and provides a safe, judgement-free environment in all that we do.

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