What if...

  • You could build authentic friendships with like-minded women?

  • You could easily connect with other women in a grace-filled space?

  • You could participate in fun group activities that encourage connection and friendship?

  • You could create a local community of support in as little as 4 weeks?

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As we get older, the more difficult it becomes to make a friend. Why? Quality time. A recent study showed that it takes up to 50 hours of spending time with someone to consider them a casual friend and up to 200 hours for that person to become a close friend.

In our culture, we thrive on being “busy.” If we can’t respond to the question of “how are you doing?” with “busy,” then are we accomplishing anything? But then 2020 happened, where everyone’s level of busyness changed, and we were all forced to stop and reflect on the parts of our lives that needed attention. The majority of people have realized during this year that relationships, particularly friendships, is something that their souls longed for but hadn’t made time for in ages. All in the name of busyness.

Here's the problem...

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Build Your Circle

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Throughout history, women have lived together in community. We grew up together; we raised our families together; we were our closest confidants. It's only in recent history that the tribe mentality has fallen by the wayside, and it's time to return to our roots and rise together.


We as women form a bond with each other that is deeper than anything - we bare our souls to each other, we comfort each
other, and we lift each other up. This is why building up your inner circle is necessary and vital to our overall wellbeing.




Whether you are brand new to the IHC community or you’ve been with us from the beginning, you will complete this program feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and recharged as you build up your inner circle.


You will have your love cup full and have several new friends in your life. This program is focused on girl time, empowerment, and lifting each other up. Let’s rise together.


It doesn't have to be this way...

This program is for you if...

You are ready & open to developing genuine connections with other women
You are ready to build up your inner circle
You don't give a f*ck about whether the person is 20 or 50 years old - we are all in this together
You are ready to fight loneliness & help your sisters shift from being an outsider to being part
of our circle

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This program is not for you if...

You do not want to actively participate for the next 4 weeks

You do not want to take action and do the work

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 So what are you waiting for? 

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Take the first step to building up your circle.

We are closing the doors soon, and we kick off on February 21st! Save your spot today!