Be A Goal Getter

Last summer, I watched the documentary called “Rachel Hollis Presents: Made for More,” and at one point, she was wearing a shirt that had the words “nobody cares about your dreams.” At first, my reaction was, “wow, that’s harsh.” Yet, as the documentary progressed and those words hung over me, I realized that while they may appear harsh, those words spoke so much truth.

Think about all of the times you’ve had a big, crazy dream, and you could barely contain your excitement. You can’t wait to tell your partner, your best friend, or even the person at the grocery store, but when you share your dream, the response from the other party tends to be lackluster. Disappointing, right? Sometimes, even soul crushing if that less-than-stellar response comes from someone you truly care about. It’s in these moments, I encourage you to remind yourself that no one on this Earth is going to care about your dream as strongly and as passionately as you are.

Dreams are similar to pets (or children I suppose). When you look into those soulful, brown eyes of your [fur]baby, you melt and know that this living creature is the most important thing in your world. You make it a priority to ensure the best life for your baby – why not treat your dreams the same way? When you declare that your pet/child/whatever is the cutest thing in the world, part of you know that not everyone shares your enthusiasm. Does that stop you from taking 1,000s of photos of your baby every single day and blasting them on social media? Heck no! Then why do we treat our dreams differently? Why do we accept that our babies are number one, but if one person isn’t supportive of our dream, we allow the dream to be brushed under the rug?

Since moving to Canada three years ago, my life has felt like a blank slate. There is absolutely no one dictating what I must do, who I must be, and this feeling is exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. However, I know that I am finally becoming the person who I am meant to be. Over the past year, I have been building the community of In Her Circle, and I couldn't be happier. Rachel said in her documentary “if you want something and it doesn’t exist, make it yourself.” My idea isn’t original. It isn’t mind-blowing. Yet, it’s something that doesn’t exist in Calgary. So, here I am, making it from scratch, with the love and support of my inner circle.

Remember, no one will care about your dreams as much as you, and it’s because they don’t share your fire. They might not understand it. Don’t let their disapproval or lack of understanding stop you. Don’t believe the lie that women are one-trick ponies. If you have been an accountant (like me) for a good portion of your adult life, don’t let that stop you from writing a book, becoming a fitness instructor, or whatever your big goal might be. You were made for more, and today is the day to start believing it. Now, go out and crush some goals, you #goalgetter you!

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