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Choosing Purpose Over Perfection

Sometimes, I wish we had the simple worries of a dog. Currently, my dog is sleeping by her food bowl, waiting for that time of day when I give her dinner. Eat, sleep and poo - that's her routine, and she doesn't worry about where her food is coming from, if her bed will be there, or if she'll have access to the yard. She simply knows and believes that it will be there. I wonder how our lives would change if we fully believed that all of our needs would be met without needing to know the how.

Our world has shifted over the past couple of months, and we are being siphoned through these changes at the same time. We will all walk away with different experiences and different stories. Some people are still very focused on appearing that they are winning at life; we see stories of celebrities laying by their pools, telling us that "we're all in this together - just stay home." The truth is, some of us don't have a choice to stay home. Overnight, we went from a minimum wage worker to an essential worker. Others of us, we find ourselves at home, but the expectations of us has significantly increased. Parents are expected to work from home AND homeschool their kids. Weddings, travels, baby showers, birthday parties and more are all canceled, and our finances are challenged. If you watch the news, you may be filled with doom and gloom because of the constant loop of negativity coming into our homes.

What choice do we have? Have you been reading the constant influx of articles on how to "perfect" your morning routine? How to create the "perfect" cleaning schedule? How to bake the "perfect" sourdough bread? The thing is - we don't have to strive for perfection in this time. Instead, we are being called to evaluate our time and how it is being used. Is Netflix and Zoom bringing you the most peace and comfort right now? Cool! Hang onto that. Does going for a family walk a couple times a day refresh your mind and soul? Awesome! Keep doing it.

Instead of trying to be perfect, I think a better goal to strive for is purpose. What is your purpose right now? Is it just to be present? Is it to serve people through a pandemic? Is it to offer comfort to the lonely by FaceTiming grandparents or delivering treats to a friend? You do not need to add any additional pressure in an already pressure filled time. As soon as you clarify what your purpose is in this moment, everything else will fall into place. My dog knows that her purpose is to boss us around, and because she is so tuned in with that purpose, she never worries about perfection. At the end of the day, I guess we could all benefit from asking ourselves, "what would Lola do?"

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