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Coffee & Community in Calgary with Devil's Head

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In Her Circle enjoying Devil's Head Coffee

Coffee is a unique beverage. Most of us grew up watching the adults in our lives sip on this magic elixir and come alive each morning. Eventually, we ourselves try this mysterious hot beverage, and if the taste doesn't suite you at first, just keep adding milk and sugar - because drinking coffee is part of being an adult. As we evolved into our coffee drinking selves, coffee became much more than something that was brewed first thing in the morning. Coffee became something you enjoy when catching up with an old friend, when meeting a Tinder swipe for the first time, or even when mending a relationship. Coffee and community are incredibly intertwined in today's culture; so much so, it's hard to picture a time when coffee and community didn't go hand in hand.

Devil's Head Coffee

I visited Devil's Head Coffee's office a few weeks ago to pick up some coffee for an In Her Circle sleepover, and Chris, the owner, shared with me how the history of coffee hasn't always been associated positively with community. Throughout history, leaders were threatened that people would gather and drink this hot beverage together; in hopes of preventing a revolution, they instituted bans and harsh punishments (as in Sultan Murad IV decapitating anyone who was caught consuming coffee). It wasn't until Pope Clement VIII tried coffee for himself and decided to baptize "Satan's brew" so that it was acceptable for Catholics across Europe to enjoy (legally).

Coffee, Community & Calgary

Today, we all owe a giant "thank you" to Pope Clement VIII for fighting the power and legalizing coffee. Now, we can reach out to a stranger and have that innocent first date over a cup of coffee. Even when making new friends, it seems like grabbing a cup of coffee is always the "first step" in the new relationship. It's safe, it's comfortable, and it's quick (if need be). As adults, making friends and establishing a local community is difficult, but hopefully, after attending one of our In Her Circle events here in Calgary, your tribe will start to build and you are reminded that you are not alone.

Special thanks to Chris and Mia from Devil's Head! The pride they pour into their work was so evident, and I couldn't wait to share the delicious coffee with my own community. Thank you for fueling our getaway weekend. :)

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