Embracing New Beginnings + New Friendships

Change is hard and scary, but change can be a good thing. Whether you decided to finally let go of a toxic relationship, a stressful job or something else that simply isn't serving you anymore - it can be difficult yet rewarding all at the same time.

Embracing something hard, like a new beginning, can seem counter intuitive, especially if that change hurts at first. Have you ever heard someone say, "you've changed!" and it wasn't said in the best tone? Don't be discouraged - take that statement as a compliment! Just because someone is uncomfortable with you moving forward and rising up into a new level in your life does not mean that it's wrong. It may be a signal that with this new beginning, you also need to embrace new friendships in your life. 

Find people who are in a similar stage of life as you - if you're a new mom, find new moms to have coffee dates and play dates with. If you are newly single, find other women who are single and ready to mingle. If you are pursuing entrepreneurship, find other people who have their own businesses and understand the grind. Explore and expand into this new phase of your life and embrace the journey!

Your old friends will still be there, even if they may not (at first) understand the changes you are undergoing. Support comes from the most unlikely of places, so be ready to accept it into your life, no matter how it looks. You've got this!

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