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Find Your Wing Woman

"Connection is why we're here, it's what gives us meaning & purpose in life." - Brené Brown

We have a natural desire to connect with others and to have a #wingwoman in our corner. We can feel that desire deep in our bones, and many experts say that social connection contributes to one's overall happiness. It's a big reason why In Her Circle was created last year. My soul longed for an authentic connection for so long, and once I started creating connections, I realized that many other women were struggling with the same thing. 

But why does friendship matter? 

Here are three reasons why friendships are important to cultivate and create:

  • Practical help - having someone there to go shopping with, to go to an event with, to help you move, etc.

  • Emotional support - having that person there when you've had a bad day at work, gotten into an argument with a loved one, or even sharing a win of the week with a person that cares

  • Confiding or sharing as a form of coping - we were not made to be silent or to hold in our emotions. We need to let them out, and it's comforting having someone in your corner to share your wins and losses with

We need to feel social support.

  • There is a special person who is around when I am in need

  • I can talk about my problems with my friendsI can count on my friends when things go wrong

  • All of these things contribute to us feeling valued, heard and supported in our friendships.

Today, loneliness is rampant - we have fewer close friends than we did a generation ago, and this takes a severe toll on our health. 

Friendships should be viewed as a lifelong pursuit. Any friendships that you've curated for years and with new people you connect with are assets to your overall happiness. 

If you are ready to rumble with vulnerability and add a wing woman to your contacts, I invite you to join us on July 16th for Babes & Brews: Find Your Wing Woman. It will be a casual gathering with intentional mingling, a few games and brews from Dandy Brewing. Together, WE rise. 

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