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Simple Tips to Survive Social Distancing

Some of us are just getting started in this new world of social distancing, and you might be one of the many who feel like you're climbing up the walls! No need to fear - we are providing some simple ways to spice up your days at home and learn what opportunities social distancing has to offer us.

  • Connect with 3 people a day. This could be a simple text to check in or you can schedule a video call. Just because we can't gather together in person (right now) doesn't mean that we need to isolate ourselves. Schedule a virtual coffee or movie date and connect with those friends you are missing.

  • Practice meditating. With all of chaos happening around us, it is so important to reconnect with ourselves. When we take the time to ground down in the moment, we can experience calmness and serenity in the moment. My friend Carolina from LIA project has a lot of information about how you can start learning how to meditate, particularly on her Instagram. Also, we will be partnering on a Meditation 101 workshop towards the end of April, which will be a great opportunity to gather together and celebrate the end of social distancing.

  • Tackle a puzzle. Now is the time to bust out that 1,000 piece puzzle you bought at Chapters a few years ago when it was on sale. Whether you're bunkered down by yourself or you have some company, this is a great activity that keeps you busy for hours.

  • Be in nature. Take a walk around the block, sit outside on your balcony or porch, go for a run. Fresh air is extremely important during this time, and this is a simple activity that you can do while keeping a safe distance from others.

  • Break a sweat. So many local fitness studios have been forced to close their doors during this time, and they are generously offering live workouts to keep your bodies moving. Some studios that you should check out include Oranj Fitness Studios, Kult Fitness, and Inspired Yoga Institute.

  • Take a virtual tour of a museum. Several museums around the world are currently offering virtual tours of their museums, such as the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim Museum. Grab a tea and start exploring from the comfort of your couch!

  • Dust off your shelf and read a book. If you're like me, you have a lot of shelf esteem (meaning that my book shelf is filled with books that make me look good, but if I'm honest, I still haven't read). Carpe diem and crack open that book you purchased two years ago. You might surprise yourself with how much you learn and how much you enjoy reading in the stillness.

I could go on and on, but this list is to help you get started. The most important thing to remember is that all of this is temporary, and we are ALL in the same boat. This too shall pass, but in the meantime, let's make the best of it.

If you have found things that have been helping you during this time of social distancing, share them in a comment below! I would love to hear how you are coping and making the best of the current situation.

Love & Light, Jessica xx

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