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What Are You Ready to Receive in 2020?

The holidays are over! Are you relieved? 

To be perfectly honest, I so am. It was really refreshing putting away our Christmas decorations, unpacking the suitcases, and eating homemade meals again. My dog has been extra clingy this week since she was with a sitter for part of last month, and I think she is very suspicious of me disappearing on her again. LOL

As I've been settling back into routine and the swing of things, I have been reading everyone's thoughtful new years resolutions and decades in review. 

Side note: did we do that sort of thing in 2009?

Anyway, it got me thinking - what are YOU ready to receive in 2020?

I shared in my Instagram stories the other day about how I read a post from a woman who lives in Quebec who is ready to embrace friendships into her life for 2020. She admitted that she had tears in her eyes as she typed out the words, and it honestly made me tear up as well.

I teared up because...

*I know how brave she was to share her vulnerability with strangers on the internet

*I know how brave she is being by starting to open up her heart to new beginnings and fresh possibilities

*I know that if she lived here in Calgary and if she was able to attend one of our events, she would be welcomed with open arms by all of YOU

*YOU, the community, are so warm, welcoming, and accepting that if she was brave and vulnerable enough to come to an event, she would feel at home immediately

So, I would love to know, what are you ready to receive into 2020?

If you are ready to embrace friendship in 2020, check out our exciting events below:

January 22nd: Create & Cultivate 2020 Vision with Victoria Smith (waitlist only)

February 13th: Galentine's Day with Kayla Erdos (50% sold out)

February 29th: Hustle & Heart Retreat (10 spots available)

March 11th: Babes & Brews - Find Your Wing Woman 

What women are saying about our events...

Hi Jessica! I wanted to follow up again and say THANK YOU so much for last night's event! It was equal parts girlie fun + soulful. It was obvious in the attention to detail how much you care about the event and making us ladies feel special & worthy. You're doing something really special when it comes to female friendships! - Amanda

I cannot WAIT to see you and to connect with you in 2020!

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