What Does Friendship Look Like to You?

What does friendship look like to you? What has prevented you from seeking out solid female friendships? Was it because...

You didn’t want to be rejected? • You were worried about being the “weird” one? • You didn’t feel safe to be yourself? • You weren’t sure if you would fit in? • You feared that you would be judged if you revealed your true self?

I think every single woman can relate to at least one of those statements, and those fears and worries can create boundaries in us. If we continually allow those fears to rule us, then we prevent any possibility of forming a strong circle.

There is power in vulnerability, and we at #inhercircle strive to create a safe space for you in everything we do. So much good happens when we stand together (even if it’s virtual) and lift each other up.

This is why, moving forward, all of our future events and programs will revolve around the following four C's:

  • Connect

  • Create

  • Collaborate

  • Contribute

We believe that we are meant to connect and create new friendships which can lead to us collaborating with each other to contribute to the world with our passions. Stay tuned for the magic!

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