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Wing Woman of the Week with Famida Tejani

Welcoming this globetrotting gal, meet this week's #wingwoman, Famida Tejani! Famida was born in London, England, but spent most of her childhood in Canada. She's always had a desire to travel and recently experienced life as an expat in the Netherlands. Famida is fueled by her desire to contribute, which led to her creating Four Leaf Ventures Inc, an e-commerce business here in Calgary. In our interview, Famida shares how the daily little blessings add up to her inner joy, how she is passionate about giving back to vulnerable communities, and how it's important to have compassion for yourself and for other people when it comes to friendship. Continue reading to learn all about Famida!

1. What makes you happy?

I am my most happiest when I’m out in nature, basking in the sun, drinking great coffee and connecting with loved ones, whether it’s friends or family! For me it’s pretty simple to find happiness because I’ve come to realize it’s the daily little blessings that add up to my inner joy. For instance, hearing the birds sing first thing in the morning or witnessing my children being in the moment, and saying the most profound statements. This brings me happiness!

2. What advice would you give your younger self?

RELAX!!! It’s all gonna work out. Everything will fall into place as it’s suppose to and at the right time. As long as your intention is good and you are true to yourself, don’t fret it. Take a moment, center yourself and let go! Now I realize that all the endless worrying or sleepless nights, didn’t get me anywhere anyways.

3. If you could magically solve one problem in the world, what would that be?

To ensure that every child and adult have enough food to eat on a daily basis. To wake up each day and have the choice to eat a meal and not have to worry about how much they can consume, is a major blessing that most of us take for granted. Millions in our world live with malnourishment today and I wish I could solve that problem or contribute to the solution in a large capacity.

4. How did you find your purpose?

By asking myself how I could contribute to the world. Through the practice of inner stillness, and self reflection I began listening more closely to my intentions. I think my purpose is always related to service in some capacity. It evolves and it speaks to me stronger during some phases of life than others. My intention when I started Four Leaf Ventures was to contribute. Not just to sell a product in need, but also to give back on a larger scale to make a difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable communities our children live in. So my journey began....when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, for my own children, I sourced high quality disposable face masks and brought them here locally. I knew there would be other parents just like me that needed them; as well as, various schools, health clinics, etc. For each sale, I donated to a local charity and to date, Four Leaf Ventures has donated approximately 10K masks to kids in need. That was my purpose - to contribute in a higher capacity during the Covid-19 pandemic and for that, I’m grateful.

5. What is your biggest pain point in building relationships?

I would not say I have a pain point in building relationships. Through awareness of my own feelings, I recognize where I am at, in the relationship. I accept it for what it is. I find when I just put my best foot forward and hold good intention for all, and a relationship does not build well, it just means we were to teach each other something valuable and I move forward happily!

6. What have you learned from past friendships that didn't work out?

Acceptance. By that I mean, in my younger years, I use to hold on too tight to an ideal version of the friendship or expectation I had of a friend, but what I learned is to accept the other where they are and accept yourself where you are. This is compassion. I also learned that every friendship whether we remained friends or not, provided me with a valuable teaching that was meant for me to learn and embrace moving forward. So to learn it and keep going!

7. Who are your SHEros (AKA female heroes)?

My SHEro is my cousin. More like a sister to me! We have the gift of sharing the same first name, ironically. Throughout my life, she has always inspired me to do better, learn more and grow exponentially! She always says learning is everything. The more you learn, the more you grow in all of life's experiences. Learn the lessons, read the books, listen to the podcasts, invest in yourself because if you don't, nobody else will. She also says "dream big!" I can't say enough about how her strength, confidence, resilience and passion has shaped the way I see life's many adventures.

8. What podcasts/books are you listening/reading right now?

Currently, I am reading Reinvention by Arlene Dickinson. I highly recommend it for anyone who's looking to create, re-create and really change life up for the better.

9. Where can we find you?

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Website: @fourleafventures, @fem_tejani,

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