Wing Woman of the Week with Linna Hoang

We are kicking off this Thursday with a new #wingwoman interview with the wonderful Linna Hoang! You may recognize her as 1/2 of the amazing duo of the company, Goal + Glow, that she runs with her sister. Together, they do brand building, mindset coaching, and teach emotional intelligence to help people accomplish their goals. In our interview, Linna shares some of the challenges she faced growing up Asian Canadian, why we shouldn't feel pressured to turn our hobbies into side hustles, and how it's important to remember to enjoy the moment. Continue reading to learn all about Linna!

(Psst - you can also find Linna during Week 1 of Build Your Circle as she will be our first speaker and will be sharing all about Emotional EQ, why we sometimes struggle with connection, and how do we work on opening ourselves up. It's going to be an amazing way to kick off our program, and I'm thrilled to have her apart of it.)

1. What makes you happy?

Traveling, having days with no plans and just going with the flow, spending quality time with my husband and kids, getting in a good workout (that post workout feeling is the best).

2. What advice would you give your younger self?

To not be too worried about the future. Everything will be okay, just focus on enjoying the moment. Growing up, I always worked extremely hard. I got top marks in school, played sports after school and tournaments on the weekend. During University, I went to school full time while working full time so I would graduate University without any debt. And now in my working life, I work a full time corporate job and have two businesses. So the advice I would give myself, I am still learning today. I have big dreams, so I sometimes get stuck in my future goals and forget to enjoy the moment.

3. If you could magically solve one problem in the world, what would that be?

It is so hard to pick just one thing! My top 2 would be Racism and Poverty.

Growing up, as an Asian Canadian, I felt different, and at times, was treated different. I’ve seen racism firsthand and know how it can impact individuals and the opportunities they are given. The topic of Inclusion and Diversity is near and dear to my heart.

Poverty. It is an issue everywhere in the world. Some people don’t have enough food and water, which is the basic necessities of life. It baffles me how there is such a divide between the rich, the middle class and the poor. As a society, we can do better.

4. How did you find your purpose?

A lot of trial and error, learning and growing. I think there are times we have a hobby and think our purpose is to share the thing we enjoy doing the most. However, what I found through the different businesses I’ve owned, is that a purpose means so much more than a hobby. It is digging deep and finding what you are passionate about – what makes you feel good inside and how you can use that to create a positive impact on others. So for me, finding my purpose was to think of how I could best serve my community and make a positive impact on others.

5. What is your biggest pain point in building relationships?

I find it most difficult to find people who have a similar mindset and enjoy the same things as I do. I love hanging with people who are open, aspire to grow as an individual, honest and trustworthy. Finding true friendships past the surface level can be difficult.

6. What have you learned from past friendships that didn't work out?

I used to think that having lots of friends was the best thing. However, I have come to realize that sometimes you can grow out of relationships. People can come and go and that is okay. As we get older, we change, we evolve and sometimes the people we have in our life don’t really fit into our lives anymore. I believe people come into our lives for a reason. Some are there for life and others will come and go. It is all part of the journey. When I think about friendships, it is definitely the quality as opposed to quantity.

7. Who are your SHEroes (AKA female heroes)?

My mom, Michelle Obama, Oprah – All these individuals came from nothing, lived so many hardships to get to where they are today. Nothing was given to them on a silver platter. They have a kind soul and want better for people and the world. They have definitely made an impact to me.

8. What podcasts/books are you listening/reading right now?

I am listening to Ed Mylett’s podcast. It is my favourite. I am also listening to The Rise Podcast, The him & her podcast, and Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. I am currently reading Innercise by John Assaraf and in the middle of Becoming by Michelle Obama.

9. Where can we find you?

Website: Instagram: @goalandglow Facebook: Goal + Glow Youtube: Goal and glow with Linna + Jenn

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