Wing Woman of the Week with Meghan Way

We're back with another #wingwoman of the week, featuring Meghan Way! Some of you may remember Meghan from our Wild Woman Rising retreat last October when she led our luscious yoga session right before lunch (take me back!). In our interview, Meghan shares how she learned to embrace her "weird" and how she wishes other women would as well, how she strongly believes in the magic and power that women possess, and how when it comes to her purpose in life, she aims to make a positive difference in the world in whatever way that comes. Continue reading to learn all about Meghan!

1. What makes you happy?

It’s taken me a long time to understand this, but my relationships bring me the most joy in life. Covid really hammered that home. My husband, my family, my friends, the circles I’ve built through yoga and writing and finance. I also gain a lot of joy from making a difference in people’s lives and helping people grow.

2. What advice would you give your younger self?

Embrace your weird and never let yourself conform to society’s vision of what a woman should be. I was a weird kid - I wrote poetry and novels and letters to fictional characters. I talked to trees. I full heartedly believed in magic. I made potions and concoctions in the woods. I told friends I was sick and couldn’t go out, so I could stay home and watch cartoons or write. I hid these part of me for so long, and pretended to enjoy so many things because of what society expected of me. Coming into my own power and embracing the things that set me apart was like being gifted a giant breath after I'd been drowning. All of our weirdness, the things people don’t understand about us, that’s our magic. And it is incredible.

3. If you could magically solve one problem in the world, what would that be?

For women to understand, value, and embrace their true power. For women to stop asking permission to be everything that they were meant to be. For women to lift each other up, always, rather than tear each other down. If we could do that, the world would be altered in an incredible way, forever.

4. How did you find your purpose?

To be completely honest, I think I’m still figuring this out. I have this deep seated belief that helping and healing is my purpose, and I’m still trying to fully understand what that looks like. I have a very clear set of values, and I let those guide me, but I’m generally a bit of a leaf in the wind. I take opportunities as they come, and do my best to make a difference. I try to be the best human I can possibly be every single day, and believe to my core that everything else will work itself out.

5. What is your biggest pain point in building relationships?

I don’t trust easily, and so opening up to new people is difficult. I’m also very focused, a little bit intense, and decently socially awkward, and so I can come off as unfriendly or standoffish before people get to know me. I struggle with the courage to just go up and make conversation or invite people places. I’ve been working hard on this over the last couple of years <3

6. What have you learned from past friendships that didn't work out?

That I am responsible for my own actions and my own happiness. If I am being the best me that I can be, and others don’t want to show up for that, that’s ok. I am not for everyone. And everyone is not for me. Learning that this doesn’t make me less, or them less, has changed my life. I am certainly not perfect at it, but I am now much better at letting go of people and relationships that just aren’t working.

7. Who are your SHEroes (AKA female heroes)?

This sounds super cliche, but my mama is one of my biggest heroes. She raised her girls to be financially independent, confident, and kind. My sister is also my own personal SHEro- she’s a PICU nurse and one of the best people I know. I have so many real life SHEroes who lift me up and inspire me every single day - too many to list. On a global stage, I adore Bozma Saint John, who shows that you can be a big time executive while never losing your own style or voice.

8. What podcasts/books are you listening/reading right now?

Get Out of Your Own Way by Dave Hollis, How to be AntiRacist by Ibram X. Kendi. I read Atomic Habits by James Clear a couple of months ago, and HIGHLY recommend as well.

9. Where can we find you?

All over the place! IG @meghanvictoria__ , teaching yoga in person @yogaandbeyond and online @rikkimaeyoga , teaching creative writing @thealexandracentresociety , and when crest the Covid hump, at many of the women in business functions that take place around the city <3

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